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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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new this morning an accident in the northeast, police investigate a man killed in the overnight crash. a community calls for
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justice after a little girl is struck and killed by a hit and run driver, we are live with more on the car police are looking for. vice-president, elect pence, i hope you are here a few more moments. >> the vice-president, elect at the a performance of the hit broadway show hamilton, actors do not let him leave without hearing their opinions on the election. it is saturday november 19th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. lets get straight over to meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather. justin, turf say i was walking around dilworth park yesterday, it was lovely, 70 degrees, they were putting up the christmas tree. >> it is good conditions for that. that is what i did, yesterday put up my christmas lights. >> it is smart. >> just to have them out there to enjoy nice weather. and all this talk about the cold air coming tomorrow, we have to even eye today. we have to talk about today. there will be a lot of cold weather for a while. get outside take advantage if you like warm temperatures. if you like it cold just wait 24 hours. we have big changes coming at
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us but this morning we are still chilly outside and this time of the year, we will get those cold nights, clear skies, calm wind, and that cold air really is settling in. we're waking up with temperatures in the the 30's and 40's. forty-five officially at the airport in philadelphia, still a calm wind, wind chill of 45, maybe dropping another degree or two before sunrise, coming up in less than 15 minutes. thirty-six up in allentown. thirty-nine in reading. thirty-seven in mount pocono. not terribly cold. chilly enough to wear heavier coat this morning. quakertown one of the coldest spots at 34. we are dry at storm scan three. we have no issues. most of the afternoon looks good. we will get strong cold front moves in tonight, and then starting at 7:00 o'clock we have a wind advisory that goes into effect for the entire region. we could get 40 to 50 miles an hour wind gusts, once this wind kicks in. it will go until midnight sunday night. still a warm day to day, jet stream, moves northward. we have a big ridge over us. we're talking about high temperatures running ten to 15 t we will see a cold pocket of
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air coming across upper midwest heading our way tomorrow, but again, that is through the morning hours, it looks good, temperatures in the the 50's, on our way up to the upper 60's this afternoon. right now, lots of clear conditions that sunshine will go to work, we will talk about that big cool down in the seven day coming up in a few more minutes. >> justin, thank you. 6:04. time to check the road. lets go to amanda muhler in the cb is s3 traffic center, good morning, amanda. >> reporter: good morning, jan. the we are looking clear. we have a couple of minor accidents, it has since cleared but nothing major. taking a look at route 42 in new jersey we have building volume which is to be expected but with some pretty clear saturday morning commute for everyone throughout the area. the big thing we are talking about this morning, of course is the philadelphia marathon, right now you are taking a look the a at ramp from 676 to the ben franklin parkway, that is closed due to police activity and ben franklin parkway will be closed for the marathon so expect rolling closures and security throughout the day as well as runners make their way throughout the city. your alternate to avoid all of that is the vine, for a full
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list, of closures visit cbs at the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda muhler, now back to you. >> good advice, thank you. new this morning a accident as claimed a man's life on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia crash happened after midnight at bustleton avenue intersection in mayfair. police are investigating the cause of this accident. and philadelphia police continue their search, this morning for the deadly hit and run driver, in overbrook, and while investigators look for clues, neighbors are calling for justice. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live here near the scene, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan. neighbors say this this is a busy stretch in which cars fly by, as if it is a highway and even this early in the morning we have seen cars, zooming by, very quickly here, yesterday, this was the scene of a tragic crime. >> so sad. >> reporter: cars passed the intersection of 63rd and lansdowne avenue, one candle
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remains. it is a makeshift memorial to honor an eight year-old girl struck and killed by a hit and run driver. >> it was crowded around here when i park when i found out little girl got killed. >> reporter: frank johnson who works across the street from the accident scene saw it unfold 3:15 friday morning when a car struck the girl and then just kept going. paramedics rushed the girl to the children's hospital of philadelphia where she later died around 5:30 and now the community is pleading for justice. >> turn yourself in, please, it is thanksgiving, it is bad enough these people are without a child on thanksgiving. do the right thing, turn yourself in, police report report witnesses say that the suspect was driving a gray or silver nissan altima or maxima and it should have extensive front end damage. live from overbrook, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are looking for suspects after the shooting of an off-duty police officer. chopper three was overhead as officer angelo romero sought
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medical help near 11th and parish in north philadelphia. police say the officer was going inside of his own home with his two-year old son around 5:00 o'clock last night when two men started shooting. officer romero was struck by a bullet in his thumb and he was also hit by fragments in both legs. authorities say the officer was not the intended target. >> you have got these young guys out here with these guns, you just want the violence to end, it just makes no sense. they have no regard for their own lives let alone anyone elses. >> officer romero's son was not hurt, and now philadelphia police are investigating if a murder just a few blocks away may be connect to the shooting of that officer, and a 38 year-old man was found shot several times in a car on the 1300 block of parish street. he died a short time later, now no word yet on a gunman or a motive but police say he was shot at close range. now based on ballistics evidence at the crime scene we know at least eight shots were fired from a semiautomatic
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weapon. we found eight spent shell casings, all next to the chevy impala where victim was sitting where we found them. >> police are checking surveillance video near that murder scene. it was a big vote last night, union representing septa workers ratified the new contract that ended their week long strike. transport workers union local 234 says the deal increases union workers wages by 10.5 percent over five years. septa tells "eyewitness news" that the board chairman or vice chairman will now approve the ratified contract. philadelphia's launching a new web site as it enforcees its the new tax on sugary drinks. the web site, philly, offers information for distributors and retailers. distributors who sell sugary drinks to philadelphia businesses need to register to be in compliance. >> i know new taxes are never fun but with your cooperation we are funding prek, community schools, and massive
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improvements to parks, recreation centers and libraries. >> the tax, expected to raise 92 million-dollar a year is effective on january 1st, and it is facing a legal challenge. after six years of legal wrangling, president-elect trump has resolved a lawsuit surrounding trump university. lawyers announced a settlement outside a federal court in california. brooks silva-braga has the story. >> reporter: donald trump will pay 25 million-dollar to settle three lawsuits, two of them class actions related to trump university. >> everybody who was enrolled in this school and wanted their money back will get over half of their money back at a minimum and perhaps up to all of their honey back. >> reporter: more than 150 students in the real estate investment course is were a fraud with fees up to $35,000, pushing many into debt. former student gary smith spoke to cbs in march. >> it has been big time net
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loss at this point. >> reporter: trump pointed to glowing evaluations from a vast majority of the students and repeat thely said he wouldn't settle cases. >> trump university will end up winning that in court. it will be won in court. i could settle but i will not settle it. >> reporter: non-credited classes which ended in 2010 became a campaign issue. >> former students say trump university was a scam. >> reporter: this republican primary ad was followed by attacks from hillary clinton and trump was widely criticized for saying american born judge in the case, had an absolute conflict because of his mexican heritage. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. >> reporter: trial in the judge's court was set to start in ten days. >> president-elect trump is pleased to have this case behind him because he can focus on the the important priorities that are facing the country. >> reporter: trump does not admit to any wrongdoing in the case. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile president-elect
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trump and his transition team will meet with former g.o.p. nominee mitt romney today. i it will take place at his golf resort in bedminster, new jersey. the president-elect arrived there late yesterday afternoon. some observers say trump is considering mr. romney for secretary of state. we are learning more about the president-elect's latest cabinet choices, he has pick senator jeff sessions anal bam a republican, to be the next u.s. attorney general. sessions is on the senate judiciary committee. in 1986 he withdrew from consideration for a federal judgeship after being accused of making racist comments during his time as alabama's u.s. attorney. sessions denied those allegations. the senate would have to confirm sessions appointment. congressman mike pompeo is next president's choice to be cia director. the republican is a harvard law graduate and members of the house select committee on benghazi. pompeo has been a critic of how the obama administration handled terrorism and
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international relations. he also opposes the iran new jersey later deal. pompeo would also need senate confirmation. the president the elects has chosen retired lieutenant general michael flynn to be his national security advisor, the former chief of the defense intelligence agency retired from the army in 2014 and politically identifies as a life long democrat. he also has been out spoken about so-called radical islam. in february he tweeted, fear of muslims is rational, flynn's future role does not require senate approval. meantime, vice-president elect mike pence got an ear full attending the broadway hit hamilton, lets take a listen. >> last night appearance at richard rodgers theater drew both cheers and boos. brandon victor dixon who plays aaron burr told pence that the multi cultural cast is worried about the upcoming trump administration.
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>> please sir, we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our value, our children, and defend us and upheld our rights, sir. but we truly hepp that this show has inspired to you up hold our american values and work on behalf of all of america. >> now, pence left his seat before dixon finished his speech but heard it in the hallway. still ahead here on "eyewitness news", mauled by a bear works man lives to tell her frightening story, and new we're hearing her frantic call for help and how she survived the attack. also ahead, filled with foam a mistake that sent a blob out in the street. we will be right
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take a look at this, it the is a sea of white foam that spewed out of a large hanger at san jose airport in california, and it covered cars, blocked businesses, as it cascaded on to a nearby street. the foam was from the hanger's fire prevention system which accidentally went off, crews canned people to stay out of the foam but one man on a bike just could not resist. he is loving life and having a time of his life. i guess you you cannot resist some things, even though you shouldn't do it. here take a look at this, a
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dramatic change in the weather in minnesota after a 50-degree day the first snow storm of the season has moved in the north star state. road conditions in saint included why poor, parts of the minnesota got 2 feet have of snow. i was read ago this story. temperature dropped 10 degrees. i am feeling the chill. i guess i got to get used to it. >> i don't know how they handle it up there. winter starts early and just continues even in the spring season. for us we will get a taste of that storm, maybe a few snow flakes especially in the mountains later tonight. but generally throughout the entire region a big drop for second half of the weekend and wind will kick up as well. we have one more nice afternoon, take advantage of it today if you like warm temperatures. it could be our last 60-degree day of the year, well, we will see what happens here and we could make a run at 70. it the is chilly this morning still, we have got lower 30's, nice rebound to go this have afternoon but we will get it, lots of sunshine, in gilbertsville, eileen murray
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30 degrees. one of the the few spots below freezing, generally everybody is above freezing, mid 40's now showing up here in new jersey, david dutch has got clear skies coming in at 44 degrees in clementon, new jersey. we will go over here, also, to parts of the western new jersey, mark wood in mount laurel has a clear sky at 36, and now in west chester here at 37 degrees at steve johnson's house. i love this comment. four letter word i hate, cold, no. fargo got clobbered. i am with you on both of those. we don't want to see any of. that we are getting into that winter season. nice sunrise shaping up this morning. we will take you down to the shore. we have a clear blue sky. sunrise in about a half an hour or so. that sun will rapidly go to work. shore will be cooler today, due to a southerly breeze and that will pick up that cooler air off the chilly atlantic ocean which is in the lower to mid 50's. here's the weekend set up as far as storm system coming at us, not much happening today for the most part, a lot of
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sunshine on the warm side, 60's, maybe close to 70. in the evening hours is when we will start to get the that change cold front approaches, we will see showers a live around philadelphia, five or 6:00 through 11:00 and main a few snow showers in the the lehigh valley and poconos later on tonight with that front and then second half of the weekend just much colder, very windy, wind gusting to 40 to 50 miles an hour. that puts wind chills down in the 20's during the day on sunday. there is the front, showers ahead of it, it is warm, even a few bits of rain in southern canada but back side of the system you can see that snow flying north of chicago up to green bay and that colder air is heading our way. another nice day today, 60's, here comes the front coming through this evening hours will be replaced by windy, cold conditions by sunday. that chill sticks around during the day on monday, still on the breezy side, and we will be dry but still, morning temperatures, down through the 20's and 30's with wind chills values colder then. that sunny skies through most of the afternoon today.
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here comes the cloud late afternoon and evening, some showers start breaking out 4:00 in the far western suburbs, around five here in the city. we will see that blue showing up here indicating a few you snow showers, maybe as far south as northern lehigh valley but definitely poconos good shot to see them tonight. tonight dryer, limited sunshine just windy and cold. temperature wise, check it the out, look the at that, upper 60's, close to 70-degree away from the the water. this then that cold air coming at us, with the cold front, tomorrow's high, struggle to get to the mid to upper 40's, that warmest spot the will be south of the city, wind, also kicking up tonight, wind 15 to 20 miles an hour gusting to 45, tomorrow we could have gusts to 50 and then monday wind backs off a little bit. the pretty breezy at 25 miles an hour. wind chill values, early as tonight 10:00 o'clock starting to feel like lower 30's, 20's in some of the suburbs. so out late tonight, you will feel that cold, tomorrow morning, everybody, it is pretty much feeling in the
6:21 am
20's and we will struggle against wind chill values out of the mid 30's on sunday afternoon. cold day. rough, for the mar then as well. 68 degrees for the highs today and then tonight, 38, windy, a few showers around during the evening hours, tomorrow, mainly dry, and mostly cloudy skies, windy and cold and 48. stays cool, leading up to thanksgiving. it looks like we will stay dry, that is good but thanksgiving itself we could run into a few rain showers, jan, back to you. still ahead a woman's frightening moments being attacked by a bear in her very own driveway. hear more of her desperate 911 call and how the conversation started when we come right
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an investigation is underway into a fire that damaged two row homes in delaware county. chopper three over 2,000 block of west second street in chester, there are no reports of any injuries, the fire was under control in less than an hour. a gyro plane crashed in northeast philadelphia airport last night. you cane damaged pictures for pa 18 flipped on to its side. there were in injuries. faa is investigating. a maryland woman makes a call for help as bear attacks her in her own driveway. >> you can hear the woman trying to keep her voice calm from even rage ago this bear further.
6:25 am
>> i am being attack by this bear coming back. >> she attacked as she walk down this driveway to investigate why her dog was barking in the darkness. she said the dog chased this cub up a tree and mother bear targeted her. >> hurry, he is coming back. he has broken my arms and my legs. i cannot move. i'm bleeding. i'm going to die. >> we will help as soon as possible. >> please, dear god, no. no. >> hurry. >> biologist killed the bear thursday morning. >> bear and her three cubs were well known in this community for tipping over trash cans and raiding bird feeders, such a nuisance that wild life biologist captured the mother bear this summer and put on a radio tracking collar but they never expect this. >> that was scott broom, reporting. now woman's family says her injuries are worse then they originally thought, they a she
6:26 am
has a cracked, broken hip. they think the bear might have been standing over her holding her down. she had by the, claw marks on her face, head, back, arms, she's expect to remain in the hospital for several more days. still ahead a deadly mistake in new jersey, a woman mistakes her friend for an intruder and shoots him. we will hear from the family trying to make sense of the tragedy. we will also have this. as far as i was concerned one marathon that is on my bucket list, check it off. and it turns out, one just wasn't enough, our stephanie stahl, shows you the milestone marathon, that this runner will compete in this weekend and amazing odds, he has
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good normal morning i'm jan carabao. it was a five star day weather-wise but how long could that last in november, right? let's head out to meteorologist justin drabick on the cbs-3 sky deck, justin, when is this other shoe going to drop. >> all good things come to an end, mostly today will be good but tonight we will feel a big change. cool this morning but still not bad and nice sunrise shaping upstart to go get good color out here with the clear skies. pretty comfortable on the sky deck. tomorrow i'll be singing a
6:30 am
different tunas wind are kicking up and here comes that cold air for second half of the weekend. we have a nice day shaping up. still chilly, some suburbs, down in the the 30's, 36 in allentown at this hour but mostly above freezing. forty's palmyra, new jersey, 41 in doylestown. storm scan three quiet over delaware valley. it is calm. no winds to deal with. we have clear skies. you can see showers over the ohio valley, that is strong cold front and then there is snow flying, out across upper great lakes and parts of our area could see snow later tonight, early tomorrow morning. the wind will kick up later tonight, 7:00 o'clock, wind advisory for the entire delaware valley. wind gusting to 40 to 50 miles an hour but until then we have one more warm day to enjoy, the jet stream, ridge still placed over the north east so that allows temperatures to warm up ten to 15 degrees above average and that puts us in the mid to upper 60's, maybe close to 70 today but that cold pocket arrives tonight and sticks around next week. we will jump from the upper
6:31 am
60's today to the 40's tomorrow and it will feel more like the 20's. we will talk about how long that should last and we will look at that thanksgiving day forecast in a few minutes, jan, back to you. we will enjoy today while it lasts, thank you. it is 6:31 now. time to check the roads. lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, a manned. good morning, jan. we have an accident on i-95 southbound near betsy ross bridge. right now that accident is on the shoulder but expect some residual delays in that area, if you are traveling there. however, most roadways are looking pretty clear this morning, like this right here, if you are heading in and out of the philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge you should have a smooth drive ahead of you. the big thing we're talking about this morning is the philadelphia marathon right now we're taking a look at ben franklin parkway. it will be closed today for the marathon. you can see trucks blocking off the roadway there. so, expect rolling closures of other streets throughout the the day as well as runners make their way through the city. your alternate to avoid all
6:32 am
that is 76. for a full list of closures wrist it our web site at cbs at cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda muhler, now jan, back to you. >> thank you, amanda. philadelphia police are are looking for evidence to track down a deadly hit and run driver. the victim was just eight years old. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live there near the scene, good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan. traffic is heating up here. neighbors say cars fly by, as if this is a high was. yesterday this was a scene of the tragic crime. >> it the is sad. that is so sad. >> reporter: cars passed the intersection of 63rd and land down avenue one candle remains, it is a makeshift memorial to honor an eight year-old girl struck and killed by a hit and run driver. >> it was crowded around here when i park. that is when i found out the girl got killed. >> reporter: frank johnson saw it unfold around 3:15 friday
6:33 am
afternoon when a car struck the girl and then just kept going. paramedics rush the girl to the children's hospital of philadelphia where she later died around 5:30 and now the community is pleading for justice. >> turn yourself in, please, it is thanksgiving, it the is bad enough for these people out a child on thanksgiving. do the right thing. turn yourself in. please. >> reporter: witnesses say the suspect was driving a gray or silver nissan altima or maxima and should have extensive front end damage. anyone with any information is asked to call police. leave from overbrook, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are searching for suspects in the shooting of an off-duty philadelphia police officer. investigators say officer angelo romero was going into his home with his two-year old son when two men started shooting near 11th and parish. the officer's injuries are not life threatening and he protect his son from injury. police say officer romero was not the intended target.
6:34 am
a deadly shooting in hamilton township mercer county may have been a result of the tragic mistake. it happened inside of a home on genesee street thursday night. investigators say home owner shot and killed kelvin watford whom she thought was an intruder. watford had just returned from a business trip and may have tried to surprise the home owner when she shot him. the home owner's sister called it a tragic accident. >> she wasn't expecting him to becoming to the house, so he had told her that he was in the, on the george washington bridge but actually she was on the phone with him. >> authorities say that no charges have been filed, in the investigation, and that is on going. well, coastguard is introducing a brand new member of its fleet, chopper three over cape may where crews are getting the 153-foot ship ready for commissions. the it is named after sea man
6:35 am
roland fitch who was killed in the an attack during world war two. the cutter will operate along new jersey down to north carolina. it is marathon weekend here in philadelphia. events get underway today beginning with the half marathon, the 8k race and kid fun run this morning. then the full marathon kicks off from the art museum tomorrow. mayor jim kenney says that the city will be presenting new awards. >> the race draws runners from across the globe but in philadelphia, we love our own folks too and that is why this year we will present the fastest philadelphia award to the first male and female philadelphia residents to cross the finish line. >> about 30,000 runners are expect to take part, and road closures are already in effect. among the thousands of people running in this years marathon is a visitor marking an incredible milestone. "eyewitness news", health reporter stephanie stahl has his story of going the distance. >> reporter: done wright is getting ready for the philadelphia marathon. >> i feel great, ready to go.
6:36 am
>> reporter: it will be his 100th marathon an incredible accomplishment on his own but get this, don is 75 years old and he has multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, that doctors told him was deadly. >> they said three to five years but that was, that was 13 years ago. >> reporter: lawyer from minnesota who started running at 63, has run marathonness all 50 states. >> i love this town. i love being downtown where there is a downtown, with history, and character. >> reporter: he travels with his wife, and daughter and now being treated with a newly approved immuno therapy. >> i don't know another value with my family or friend or even another morning in my running shoes. i have lived to meet my grandchildren, and they know their grand pop and that is just one of the hundreds of thousands of stories like that that are made possible by the innovative new medications. >> reporter: don's working with a non-profit called my
6:37 am
life is worth it the advocate to go include cancer patientness drug cost discussions and giving them equal access. the his quote on their web site says when i helped towards the finish line in philadelphia, i will think about those cancer patients still in need of more research and new treatments just like running marwe cannot hit the wall, we have to keep pushing medford. >> cancer is something i deal with, rat are than something i fear right now. >> don will be among thousands of people in the philadelphia marathon that starts and finish here on the parkway, sunday morning. and don says he does more walking then running these days, he hopes to finish in about six and a half hours. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still, don puts me to shame, good for him. what an honor for part of the eyewitness cbs-3 news team. anchor natasha brown was induct in the philadelphia broadcast pioneers hall of fame last night. natasha was among several veteran broadcasters recognized for achievement in
6:38 am
our industry. a special dinner was hell at hilton city avenue, radio legend jerry blavat was this years person of the year, a very special congratulations, to everyone. and still ahead here on "eyewitness news"... >> it is now or never. >> it is now you or never, that is right for a local man training for a very unique competition, don bell sits down with an athlete in the triumph game, what they are and why you will find them so inspiring. the palm restaurant plans to come back in the spring and they promise it will be better than ever but will you still be able to spot faces on the wall? i'll tell you up next. warm weather for your saturday but not shaping up to be a good end to the weekend justin will have more on the chilly changes when eye "eyewitness news" continues.
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including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential. welcome back. jk row lines new creation opens a new chapter in the wizardry ward. fantastic beasts and where to find them is prequel to the harry potter films and it is
6:42 am
now in theaters. susan marquez now takes a look. >> reporter: new harry potter spin off takes place decades before the boy wizard enters the scene. it is fantastic beasts and where to find them, it the is newt, the scattered brain hero. story is set this new york as stars oscar winner eddie redmayne. he arrives in the city to rescue magical creatures. >> beginning of the film he is not, necessarily that easy. but, you see through his love of passion, for these an has that he has a great heart. >> reporter: in america they are called nohad, people without magical powers. when one of them accidentally releases, his case, the wizarding community is at risk. >> hey mr. english guy. >> reporter: colin ferrell plays ruthless director of magical security, it is his job to safe guard wizarding world.
6:43 am
>> there has been a percent cushion, oppression of wizards so they have withdrawn from society at large. just these set of people should this is live in the shadows and live ashamed in what is a beautiful gift. >> i refuse to bow down longer. >> reporter: how wizard face dark forces, the authorize jk roland returns to the scene that she grew to love. reach for your potential and be true to yourself. susan marquez for cbs news, los angeles. a multi event competition for wounded veterans takes place this weekend in our area. it is called the triumph games. sports director don bell introduces us to one of the fierce competitors. >> it noise or never. >> reporter: that is isaac frances motto one that inspired him to compete in the triumph games for wounded veterans. >> it is not the proper word. i don't know what to say. i'm very humble just because of the fact that these guys gave meehan opportunity to
6:44 am
compete. >> reporter: three two-year old native of haiti spent a tech cade in the military and served in afghanistan. >> it is a life changing experience to say the least. i have lived a lot. >> reporter: frances returned to the states, he was diagnosed with compartment syndrome in his legs, a painful condition that requires seven surgeries over the course of three years. >> i'm lucky to be going through surgery. i could have lost both legs and both arms, and all four from that. >> reporter: he also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. >> the way i was dealing with it was drinking a lot. and, not going out. not being approachable. the not being myself. and then i got into sports. >> reporter: boy, did he ever. he is now a fierce competitor. and, a contender in all eight events in the triumph games. >> i have been, pushing myself.
6:45 am
obviously you have to be in shape to take part in this kind of a competition. i'm really, happy to be part of it. >> reporter: i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can catch triumph games this afternoon at 2:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning sat the day. anthony mason and alex wagner joins us live from new york with the preview. alex, welcome and good morning, anthony. >> reporter: thanks, good to be here. >> welcome. coming up, jan, we have today's headlines plus they have tricked millions who read news on line we will discuss growth in fake journalism and hear why president obama believes it is a serious threat. off broadway hit blue man group turns 25, we will look back at the shows decade long success and take you you behind their blue curtain. and world's first feature film painted entirely by hand. see how a group of artists brought vincent van goh
6:46 am
century old artwork to life, it is all ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> wow, that looks great, looking forward to it. well, are you considering a bathroom remodel? it can really improve the look and value of your home but it could cost you more than it should if you are not the careful. in this week's angie's list jim donovan has some things you need to know before hiring a contractor for the job. >> reporter: shannon roberts was thrilled about getting a new master bathroom. >> in my head i was being very cautious, comparative, and trying to make very good choices, and we ended up having a little bit of disaster situation. >> reporter: at first it looked great. >> it started to leak through my ceiling into my kitchen, and that is when you find out that the underneath part was not as pretty as the finished product. >> reporter: in addition to the leak the tub fixtures stopped working so they could not use any cold water and several other things started to break down. >> the construction world is
6:47 am
the assumption is that everybody in it will operate at the same level of quality, integrity and that is not always the case. >> reporter: lack of communication is another big problem when it comes to remodeling projects. >> on is times that is an oversight on the front end. you don't think about making sure you have someone to communicate with easily, regularly and you can speak your mind because solving problems early make them smaller problems. >> reporter: unfortunately the roberts went with the lowest bidder and never checked their references. they were forced to hire a new company to fix problems, teaching them an expensive lesson. >> you have to take time to do research. it cost us a lot of money. >> reporter: it is always important to get three estimates on any project but don't focus solely on the the price because examine details, ask questions and talk to previous clients about the quality of the work. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. projects around your house, tomorrow will be the best day to stay inside and work on that because today you want to be outside and enjoy
6:48 am
one more warm day. we're dropping the s word for parts of the region for second half of the weekend. we will talk about that in a little bit the but this morning all is quiet from our weather watchers. there are some cool temperatures in a few spots below freezing at the this hour but we're starting to see mid 40's. the it is not bad for this time of the year. mullica john carroll checks in at 39 degrees. milder spot the in eagleville at this hour. lou, has 46 degrees, 33, in perkasie, out in west chester, steve at 36. is there a cold spot. gilbertsville, one of the colder spots in the morning. eileen has 29 degrees, near 40 , newark delaware also feeling the chill, delores lee has 35 at this hour, and even around philadelphia, we're in the 30's, in browns mills, maryann a degree below freezing at this hour. a few minutes from a nice sunrise, we're eag some nice colors showing up. a few picks from our weather watchers. this is from lynn springer from cherry hill with the clear skies. that sun will rapidly go to work with temperatures surging in the 60's. the ed connor sent in a nice
6:49 am
shot here. here in philadelphia a beautiful clear sky there getting ready for a great saturday afternoon. up in bethlehem, all is good here, looking live, from the hotel bethlehem, with a clear skies, and getting ready for the sunrise here, in northampton county. even in the lehigh valley, today, we're, talking temperatures well in the 60's, and then possibly, tonight, you could see a few more wet snow flakes flying around in the northern and lehigh valley and certainly up in the poconos. the reason is the strong cold front, still well to our west, out ahead of it we will get a nice warm air. south wind will keep as you above average. some spots could hit 70 degrees. is there the showers breaking out in the ohio valley. that front is on on the heading east ward. we will get rain into philadelphia, later on early evening hours. on the back side it is cold. wild spread snow is flying still in wisconsin. so it is this time of the year. if you get the warm day you know it has to come to an end. this is the last one. sixty's today. with the front coming through we will get a blast of cold air and snow showers breaking out in the northern parts of the region. so today, highs well in the 60's. tomorrow we will struggle to
6:50 am
get in the upper 40's, but it will feel a whole lot colder because we're bringing in a lot of wind energy with this system. and most of the afternoon, it the looks great. sunny skies. here comes the clouds. showers, 5:00 o'clock. even up in the poconos. initially it is warm every where. cold air comes in. so from allentown northward, maybe some, wet snow coming n should not accumulate on anything. then through the overnight hours we will start to clear out again, and then, for sunday, some clouds, will increase during the morning hours, and just windy and cold. highs today, well in the 60's, enclose to 60, up in the poconos. and then some spots, like i said, i wouldn't be surprised if you touch 70 degrees with the sunshine around, especially around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. slight liz cooler on the the coast, just because of the southerly breeze, that ocean the water starting to drop in the low to mid 50's, this time of the year. wind, not too bad this afternoon but as the front moves through, this evening, the wind will really kick up rapidly as the wind advisory goes into effect. overnight wind gusting to 30 to 40 miles an hour maybe gusting to 50 during the day
6:51 am
on sunday, abe so, with the cold air coming in, you know we're talking about nasty wind chills, so tomorrow morning, we're feeling as cold as 15 degrees on exposed skin, up into the pocono region, lower 20's around philadelphia, i think most areas, initially will feel, like the 20's, even into you the is jersey and delaware early on sunday morning. and those wind chills values will pretty much stay in the the 30's throughout the day sunday afternoon. sixty-eight for the high today. well above average. south breeze ten to 15. turning windy and colder tonight. a few showers around in the evening hours. thirty-eight is the low temperature. here's that extended forecast moving in the cooler pattern, more typical for late november but still we low average, temperatures generally in the 40's up to at least tuesday. we are dry for traveling for thanksgiving day holiday. thanksgiving day could be a few rain showers highs in the mid 50's. >> justin, thank you. still ahead, a local restaurant, famous for its famous faces is remodel and they are putting out the a call to claim your face, we
6:52 am
will explain,
6:53 am
6:54 am
the palm restaurant in center city is doing its best to preserve history, amid a big renovation. our vittoria woodill explains how some are now claiming their face. >> unaudible. >> it was a day for reminiscing and plans of revitalizing for the palm restaurant, iconic downtown hot spot has just announced they will start renovations debuting a brand new design for a grand reopening in may of next year. >> the funes part of the family history, it is part of the city history, political history and it is great to know that it is part of our
6:55 am
future. >> reporter: former governor ed rendell and many others were part of the 90 year-old tradition, the caricatures on the wall. >> you have not changed a bit. >> well, you know, it is how people tried to get on this wall. >> reporter: with 1,000 spaces in their philadelphia locationness many famous philadelphians, even those of our cbs-3 family, we wanted to know would they be left on the cutting room floor of the new design. >> sometimes you need to reinvent the wheel at work and every time we thought about doing a restaurant with our caricatures push back was incredible. >> faces will stay but painted live for all to see in the new restaurant a tradition that will keep diners smiling. >> what are you looking forward to most about when it opens, when you stand back in the same spot and looking around. >> i want to watch reaction of people when they come in what they think of the restaurant. >> reporter: is what former governor looking forward to most. >> the incredible salad which
6:56 am
is crab meat and shrimp, chopped up, in sort of not quite russian dressing but light russian dressing, you cannot find anything like it anywhere in the world. >> i see you salivating a little bit. >> absolutely. >> now we're hungry too. if you would like to claim your face you have until december 19th to submit a request, there is more information on our web site at cbs adopting a new pet can mean big changes for your home. coming up tomorrow on the cbs-3 pet project advice for acclimating your new pet in your home from carroll erickson animal advocate with the pennsylvania spca, that is tomorrow morning on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning in the 7:00 o'clock hour. i need to know what we will get for breakfast this morning. >> crab and shrimp, that is good stuff. >> at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. >> it is lunchtime anyway. >> so dine outside for lunch. >> yes, a lot is happening as far as weather, little something for everything.
6:57 am
if you like it mild to day 60's in the sun, tonight, showers moving in, maybe snow showers. lehigh valley poconos tomorrow. big drop in the temperatures, windy cold highs in the 40's and we will be dealing with leading up to thanksgiving. >> all right. soak in the sun today, thanks, justin. >> enjoy. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs cbs this morning sat the day is next, have a great weekend, everyone.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's november 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." president-elect trump makes some controversial choices for his national security team. we will break down the new appointments. booed on broadway. vice president-elect mike pence is heckled at "hamilton." hear what the cast said to him after the performance. >> the season's first major snowstorm hits millions of americans, and a new plan to fight fake news spread through social media. what facebook's founder mike zuckerberg announced in a late night post.


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